Software – Vehicle tracking systems via smartphones

TutorDrive is a simple system that allows tracking of their movements offering especially advanced data processing functions.

Necessary tool for this purpose is simply our smartphones that we use every day. We can then expand its functionality in order to detect our same behavior maybe during driving of our car or during a daily run.

With TutorDrive you can track your movement in any travel condition, for example:

modo_auto modo_moto modo_bici modo_piedi modo_bus modo_treno modo_altro

(car, motorbike, bike, walking/running, bus, train, other)


You will have a personal page ( where you will show your tracks or guides in the way that you prefer and grouped by categories so as to facilitate the identification.


For each path or guide you can see the details and summary statistics.


View detailed graphs about each detected parameter, such as:

  • Quote [m]
  • GPS accuracy [m]
  • Speed [km/h]
  • Orientation [g]
  • Acceleration in x from GPS [m/sq]
  • Acceleration in y from GPS [m/sq]
  • Driving style
  • X acceleration from accelerometer (min, average, max)
  • Y acceleration from accelerometer (min, average, max)
  • Z acceleration from accelerometer (min, average, max)
  • Position of the asperities of the road surface
  • Fuel consumption[l/h]
  • Decibel (min, average, max)
  • Speed  from OBD
  • Engine speed from OBD
  • Travelling space [m]
  • Travel time [s]


You can also view the trends of these parameters detected directly on the map, or query the system with simple questions:

  • Where I drove badly?
  • Where did I go too fast?
  • Where I accelerated too?
  • Where I braked too?
  • Where I drifter?
  • Where I consumed too much fuel?
  • Where got more holes (accelerometer)?
  • Where got more holes (sound level meter)?
  • Where got more holes (accelerometer / sound level meter)?
  • Where I went too fast (by OBD)?
  • Where the engine speed were higher (by OBD)?
  • Where not been accurate GPS?

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The TutorDrive app for Android is very simple to use and provides two main functions:

  • Tracking of your location (by car, walk, on public transport, motorbike, etc.)
  • We inform us when we are driving badly

The analysis of their guides, walks and trips, on allows you to:

  • know the points where it is headed bad
  • know the position of the detected street bump automatically while driving
  • know the information coming from the own vehicle control unit (if present a connection OBD)
  • evaluate their driving style
  • know the points at which it is consumed too much fuel
  • make graphical analysis of their guides, walks or trips
  • obtain the diagrams of their rides, walks or other

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You have problems to use TutorDrive? Follow this video