Software – ITS for road safety

SafeCityDrive is a collective driving game that allows competitors, as well as drivers to improve their driving behavior through a positive competition.

SafeCityDrive is an example of ITS system applied to road safety concept.

SafeCityDrive makes use of your phone to determine your approach to quantitatively driving, using some theories regarding the road safety study under dynamic conditions.

The basic rules of the game, they will be excluded from it, they are:

  • Drivers need to have present in your web profile, present in this site, at least 5 guides (journeys);
  • Each driver must accumulate at least 10 km of guides, ie the sum of the distances driven in all the guides should be greater than 10 km;
  • Each trip will be assessed only if covered within the imposed limits indicated in this site, (the system will automatically exclude the points of the guides that will fall outside this area);
  • The guides carried along motorways will not be considered, since the SafeCityDrive system aims to improve driving behavior in urban areas;
  • Ride quality will be evaluated according to three parameters which will then be added together into one comprehensive guide index calculated on guide loaded on its web profile (SafeCityDrive):



  1. Caution. This index is calculated by evaluating the lateral and longitudinal acceleration of the vehicle, helping drivers who drive on a regular basis without excessive acceleration, hard braking and skidding in curves;
  2. Compliance. The average travel speed (converted into an index percentage) will reward drivers who have held an average speed close to the average of other drivers;
  3. Sustainability. This index evaluates the vehicle’s fuel economy through the instantaneous velocity of the study, encouraging drivers who have held a pattern of regular driving.


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