Tritone is a micro-simulator road networks developed completely in Italian or English from the University of Calabria – UNICAL (TIS Group) as an innovative tool for the modeling of traffic flow.


What is micro-simulation?

The micro-simulation is used to represent in a timely, accurate and specific traffic and its instantaneous evolution, taking into account the geometrical aspects of retail infrastructure and the actual driver behavior, linked to the coupling characteristics of the vehicle and driver.


What can reproduce

Tritone is able to represent in a timely manner, precise and specific the traffic and its evolution instantaneous, taking into account the geometrical aspects of detail of the infrastructure and the real behavior of drivers, linked to the coupling of characteristics of the vehicle and the driver’s. In detail, Triton can simulate signalized intersections and not, roundabouts and bus traffic.

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What’s Tritone?

Tritone was established with the aim of becoming a simulation tool not only efficient analytically, but especially from a usability perspective, reflecting fully the trends’s user friendly, which aim to simplify as much as possible the operations that the user must perform. In fact, in this regard, it is noted that all possible operations, are fully accessible through the convenient graphical interface. Then the user will not be forced, in its use, to make use of third-party software such as Excel or other, for the insertion of data in the network.


Output of Tritone

Tritone returns the results both in analytical form, based on control intervals defined by the user, both in graphic form 2D, developed for computers with low performance, so as to expand its range of compatible hardware, and in both three-dimensional field for 3D impact more pleasant and accommodating of the simulated network.

intersezione_T_300x150 mileto_300x150

rotatoria_300x150 rampe_300x150


Ready for research

Tritone was built primarily from research and research therefore tends also a hand to researchers and scholars who wish to validate their simulation models by giving them the ability to place them inside of Tritone; by means of a standardized library.


Academic and Students version

We believe that learning is the key to your college and career success. That’s why we’re proud to support students, teachers, and academic institutions worldwide with free and full access to Tritone software and learning resources.

Step 1. You first request the license in the classic way.
Step 2. Wait for the license to be active.
Step 3. Fill out the form below and attach a scan of an identity card and document that justifies your career (with a start and end date).



Open to collaborations

Tritone is available for Universities or institutions who wish to collaborate in its development or in joint research projects.


Always updated

Tritone is a simulator evolving thanks to the efforts of researchers who work there, being able to churn out updates and news about every week.


Languages of Tritone

Tritone currently supports the following languages: italian, english, spanish, russian, arabic but you can add as desired customizing the language file.

bandiera_italiano  bandiera_inglese  bandiera_spagnolo  bandiera_russo  bandiera_arabo



You can contact




Models implemented

Tritone does not travel on a monotonous proposing only its simulation model, but the possibility dynamically choose between the car-following models most popular:

  • Gazis and Herman
  • Giofrè Lineare
  • Giofrè Polinomiale
  • Giofrè Avanzato
  • Gipps (AIMSUN)
  • Van Aerde (Integration)
  • Yang (MITSIM)
  • FreSim and Intras
  • Fritzsche (PARAMICS)
  • Wiedemann (VISSIM)
  • Krauss (SUMO)
  • Intelligent Drive Model 2000
  • Chandler
  • Leutzbach
  • Bando
  • Newell
  • Nagel
  • Helbing e Tilch (GFM)
  • FVDM
  • Custom from library

Also implements the most used models of:

  • Lane-Changing (Giofrè, MOBIL (IDM2000), Gipps (AIMSUN))
  • Gap-Acceptance
  • Over-taking (Giofrè 2010, Giofrè 2016, Gipps (AIMSUN))

It also calculates emissions, consumption and loads on the flooring products from the vehicles passing through. It also returns the Safety Performance indicators most commonly used in the field of road safety through a dedicated section.


Versions available for download

There are different versions of Tritone as a function of the operating system and the processor used by your computer. Can you choose the version that best suits your needs.

windows_64_128x128  windows_32_128x128  apple_128x128

You have problems to install Tritone? Follow this video


Help and Tutorial

TRITONE has the traditional user manual, tutorials on YouTube, a section dedicated to video lessons and thesis.

help  youtube    


Alert for new Microsoft Windows operation system

In the new Microsoft Windows operating systems must start Tritone or its installation package with administrator privileges by clicking on the software icon and selecting “Run as administrator“. This will guarantee a perfect operation of the software.


Software activation

Tritone is a free software that requires only a small activation to do during the first start of the product.

WARNING !!! Many times it may happen that your system can read our emails as spam due to server problem at our university, so please check the arrival of the license also among the junk mail or spam.


Errors corrected and software update

Over the years, several fixes have been made to the Tritone software, up to lead to a complete rewrite of the product. On the following page you can find plenty of information on what was done chronologically.

Fixed errors and enhancements


Snapshots of Tritone

Some Tritone snapshots